The island of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine. Its fertile land was settled since 3.000 years B.C. The rich core of the island has brought up over two hundred thousand people, as it is mentioned in Homer.

Its vast vegetation, its plentiful waters, and the morphology of its coasts, form an environment of unbelievable beauty, which is preserved until today, due to the infrastructure, and the caring of the people of Kos. Meeting centre of ancient, Greek, Western, and Eastern civilisations.

A crossroad of civilisations, which left behind, samples of wonderful monuments: the Asklepion of Hippocrates, the ancient Music Theatre, the ancient Agora, the Muslim Temples, and Italian buildings with a special architecture, which dominate the central points of city.
The city of Kos is an open archaeological park, which harmoniously lives together with the modern pace, of touristic development.

The perspectives of the island, and the future of development are based upon the usage of the unique natural sources, and their potentials. For example: the hot springs of St Fokas, the creation of crossings in the highlands, the cyclist tracks, the development of natural wildlife sanctuaries and lakes, and the high standards in the services.
The blue, clear waters for swimming, sports, fun and …voyages!

Take your time to sail to the ports of the east coast, to enjoy the most beautiful moments of your voyage, in the bluest waters in the world.
And return without abandoning your dream, to reach your dream.

In your natural way, at KOS MARINA.